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Standard Plus Valet

22nd July 2020

Mercedes Aclass in for our standard Plus Valet in Gorebridge Midlothian

Here you can see the difference we can make to your vehicle when

you use our mobile car valeting services.


Here below each picture you will find roughly what was done

Stroll down to see


Before we started the washing process we put up the gazebo as it was raining

and this vehicle was due a polish on this valet


 Before we took down the Gala Tent Gazebo we got this car polished


 Here you see how bad the interior looks before having a good hoover out including

down the sides of the seats and rubbish removed from the interior


Now the car is cleaned and hoovered out along with the

padels cleaned as they are on every valet as standard with us. 


 So on the centre consol you can see how much

dust and crumbs can collect in the centre.

 Now you can see the difference it makes when using a medium stiff detailing

brush and a apc to loosen and brush on the hard bits from not been cleaned in a while.


Now you have seen what we can do and also ensuring you car is protected

if is raining why not book in with us for you car valet.