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Infinity Wax Products

14th February 2019

Here we have just some of the products and chemicals that we use while carrying out our mobile valets on our customers vehicles.

We have also dropped the links to each of them blow under there pictures so you can purchase them directly from there website. 




Infinity Wax Spotless Glass Cleaner as we find this is fantastic using and giving us the results that we and our customers expect from us.

This cuts through smoke, dirty and the new car grease that you get.




APX - All Purpose Cleaner. We use for plastics and use while shampooing seats and carpets of the interior of your vehicles.

This can also be used to remove the stubborn dirty on the bottom half of your vehicles, wheel arches.


Incinerate - Wheel Cleaner. This is an non-acid wheel cleaner and is still a strong cleaner for your alloys or steal wheels. Gloves is a must when using these sort of chemicals.

This Wheel Cleaner can remove the most stubborn marks from your vehicles rims using ratio of 10-1 light to medium dirty or 5-1 for your more stubborn rims.



Citrus - Pre Wash.  After we have pre rinsed the vehicles if there heavy in dirty we than spray the pre wash along the bottom of the vehicles, tyres, wheel arches to loosen the reminder of the dirty both any the contact wash is under taken.


 You can contact them on

Tel: 0800 024 8625