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Mini Valet

22nd July 2020

Bmw X3 competition for a regular customer thats done every 4weeks in Whitehill, Dalkeith, Midlothian

between our mini valet and Standard Plus Valet.


 We start of with the Wheels/ Alloys before moving to the Arches

Bottom half of the car is than sprayed/ soaked in a pre wash to loosen the dirty

Snow foam can also be applied at additional cost


Once the exterior is fully safe washed using the 2 bucket method  

the car is than dried using soft drying towels to reduce the risk of Scratching 


 Here is before wheels are cleaned including the back of the alloys 


 Wheels and tyres are cleaned and tyres await to be dressed

The Interior has all it's rubbished removed

Dash wiped down of dirty and dust

Inside is than given a good Hoover (Including down the side of the seats)


 Is now looking Fresh and ready to go finishing of  with the windows cleaned and smear free


Whitehill, Dalkeith, Midlothian