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Citroen C1

6th March 2019

A Citroen C1 was in for a Full Vallet in Dalkieth, Midlothian

I have put a description of what was done below each picture


The vehicle was pre rinsed down to remove the heavier dirt for the car

Wheels where than cleaned using Infinity Wax non acid wheel cleaner to remove the brake dust for the wheels

Door checks were than sprayed with Infinity Wax Apx (All Purpose Cleaner)

The lower half of the vehicle and arches are than sprayed with a pre wash to help to loosen the dirt before power washing the the car off

Once the car has been rinsed down and the contact wash is taken place


 The car is washed and dried using a drying towel

 We than polish it using Autobrite's Renew A One step enhancement polish

All the glass is cleaned using a high quality glass cleaner

Tires are dressed to give them that new car look


Once we have removed the rubbish from the interior

We than start with giving the vehicle a good hoover on the floor and seats to remove the loose dirt


The interior seats and carpets gets a deep clean by shampoo

Door cards also gets a scrub and wipe down

We try and give as much attention to detail as possible


The customer had a few light scuffs on the near side rear panel that they asked if we can do anything with and we managed to remove the light scuffs for the customer using the Autobrite Renew polish.


 We've carried this service out on a mobile valet direct at the customers home.

As always the customer was delighted with the standard of our service and the detail we put into the vallet