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Audi A3

4th April 2019

Below we have a stunning looking Audi A3 in Newtongrange, Midlothian for a Mini Valet and it's come up well.



The vehicle is pre rinsed down to remove any loose and heavy dirt from the bodywork and wheels.

After the pre rinse of the car we than start with cleaning the wheels and than spray pre-wash along the bottom half of the car, alloys and arches to ensure we dont put any light scratches on the car.


Once washed the Audi is dried using a Drying towel and tires are dressed 

Windows inside and out are Cleaned using a Glass smear free cleaner to ensure a crystal clear windows

Here before we start with the hoovering and shampooing of the seats and carpets we ensured that all the rubbish was removed and the child seats was taken out.


When we have finished the shampoo or seats and carpets we than check over the vehicle to ensure we have got the car to a high standard before asking our customer to check over there car before we leave as a 2nd pear of eyes is better than 1. This makes sure that we have carried out to a high standard and the attention to detail is what not only what i expect but its to what our customers expect.


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